Rick: hey when are you going to stop calling me barny? Turtle: when you're not a barny, barny.

Rolling Death Brick T-Shirt {Black}

Yeah they're $25.00 Because they aren't printed on a  shitty thin-style woman's blouse material T-Shirt. They aren't printed in china.   We live in Hawaii and everything is expensive. (a gallon of milk is 10$ no shit) Whether you'll wear it riding your Panhead, GenShovel, SCHWINN, skateboard, rice rocket, Dirtbike or Rascal mobility scooter you'll look awesome AND GET LAID SO MUCH ...  (no promises) 
100% cotton black Alstyle tee.
Left chest logo 4.5" back logo 14" (that's big)
Design by Nate Robertson
Printed by our buddies at MF Silkscreen in Halawa on Oahu