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Fuck Instagram

I don't understand algorithms. Do you?  I mean I get the idea of what it does, but I don't care enough to really KNOW. So anyway FUCK. The Instagram Algorithm isn't why Im mad today. Im mad because we cant do  promotions on Instagram because of our Titty-Shaka. Nudity. Bullshit. Is it profanity? I dont think so.

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So its snowboarding time. We'll be slowing down around here. psych! We'll still be here. We have someone (Emi)  to pack orders now! big league motherfuckers !

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God I am horrible at this. What day is it? Saturday. Ok in about two weeks were gonna have some cool stuff, then well have some more then... Winter will be here and ill be snowboarding a lot. No not on maui dummies. CO and CA. So unless somebody else wants step in and do my job of well EVERYTHING. We'll be closing up mid December to whenever. Just fair warning. No hissy fits please.

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So sorry we're closed for about 2-3 weeks. We'll be back with a bunch of new rad stuff. The Out-N-In pin will be back an better than before, and 100 of the AKIRA Kaneda pin will be back but with something cool for the Mega-Nerds!  SEE YOU IN A COUPLE WEEKS! ALOHA \000/

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