Rick: hey when are you going to stop calling me barny? Turtle: when you're not a barny, barny.

Rolling Death Maui

UpCountry Maui, Hawaii.

"ROLLING DEATH MAUI" is a collective of weirdos making the stuff we want. Working mostly with tattoo art and artists then turning it into Pins, Patches, Tees etc.

The Name Rolling Death came from some of us having vintage Harleys. It started as a joke about calling the crew that but in reality motorcycles are fucking dangerous. Especially when they're 60+ years old rusting away in the salt air of Maui. Ask Nate.

Then when we started making stuff...

We had already bought the URL. Might as well use it. So then came the website, Instagram etc.

Guess the name could also could include our love of Skating, Surfing, Snowboarding, 4x4ing, DirtBiking and HotRods. Stuff we're all into that at different levels.

Mostly the name just sounded cool and it stuck.Don't think too much into it, We definitely haven't.

RDM is all about making the shit we like. Clever ideas/designs made with quality product. Items are often influenced by us having grown up in Hawaii Nei. 

We keep it simple. Pocket tees, basic designs, tongue in cheek art and clever shit. Small batches. No grandiose BS or claims to be the best or newest shit out. WE ARE NOT "street wear" we are not re-inventing the wheel. Just riding it till the wheels fall off. 

Making stuff because WE want it for ourselves. 

If you get offended by anything here you don't belong here. LEAVE.

There's plenty of other people doing pretty much the exact same thing that we are... only shittier. Go support them.

No promises. No "fronting", No fake shit, No bullshit attitudes. 

If your into that, cool. 

If not, buzz off KOOK.


CLIFFORD GRAHAM - Poser/ Owner. Maui, HI                  


NATE ROSE - Tattoo Artist. Maui, HI


NOAH ROBERTSON - Tattoo Artist, Maui HI currently in CO 

BRANT JACKSON - Mechanic/ Security, Maui HI

JAMES COLE - Tattoo Artist. Maui, HI

KYLExGRAND - Tattoo Artist. Tempe, AZ

BRETT MOSLEY - Chief Legal Advisor. Maui, HI currently Denver, CO

 Jacob Coppes - Artist. Southern CA/ Maui HI